Statement by Chairman

Dear friends,

What will Sify leave behind as a brand?

This question has confronted me time and again in my journey to build Sify.

We could forego the chatter and toe the 'sustainability' line by devoting a fair share of profit to theindustry-specified norms. Else, we could choose to take Sify’s defining characteristics of being aninnovator and convert the characteristics into a new legacy that our children will be proud of.

We chose the latter.

As newcomers in the subject of sustainability reporting, we consciously adhered to the reportingparentheses, while ensuring that the content was specific to our domain. And in doing so, we haveutilized the experience as a steep learning curve.

My guidance as the mentor through this journey has been that the measures undertaken thus farshould draw a consistent and measurable picture of betterment. In common parlance, reduce carbonfootprint. But on the larger picture, be the first on the road to becoming consistent and sustainable ineverything we do.

It’s a pleasure for us to share with you our first Sustainability Performance Review. Through thisinitiative we want to reiterate our commitment in working with you on OUR growth story.

We believe that our approach towards creating a sustainable future would be possible through acombination of the following:

  • Social Sense - How relevant are we to our society and how can we consistently improve oursocial pertinence?
  • Technological innovation - What good comes out of being ahead of the curve and does ittranslate into a better society?
  • Stakeholder empathy - What will guide us-Values or Profitability?Or the does the former drive the latter?
  • Continuity - Will we strive to hand over a business that is fair,sustainable and profitable for the next generation?

While it is our endeavor to continually reduce our environmental impact by focusing on energy efficiency, green infrastructure and green IT, reducing our specific energy and carbon footprint will be an ongoing effort. Our efforts to conserve water and reduce demand through wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting and closed looprecycling are small, but significant steps in that direction.

I look forward to your support, guidance and contributions inthis new journey.

Raju Vegesna
Chairman and Managing Director
Our Client