Organisational Profile

  • Established in 1995; Head quartered at II Floor, TIDEL Park, No:4, Rajiv Gandhi Salai,Taramani, Chennai-600113.
  • Listed on the NASDAQ in 1999; First ICT company from India to do so. Elevated in 2011 to theGlobal Select Market of NASDAQ.
  • One of the leading ICT Services provider in India
  • Widespread access coverage in India, reaching over 1300 cities in India
  • India's original internet pioneer; now a pioneer in providing Cloud and SaaS services in theIndian market
  • Expanding our international presence; cable landing station in Mumbai; offices in US, UK,UAE, Singapore
  • Strong Brand Position in India – first public service internet brand; is 3rd largestdomestic portal in India First company from Chennai, India to win the Golden Peacock awardfor Business Excellence for 2014
  • Revenues of INR 10460 millions and EBIDTA of INR 1583 millions for FY 2013-14

A leading ICT player of Managed Network and IT Services in one of the world's fastestgrowing markets and a proven capability to provide competitive software and managedservices globally

''A journey of thousand miles begins with a simple step''


  • 1995 - HQ established in Chennai
  • 1998 - First private ISP in India
  • 1999 - Listed on the NASDAQ
  • 2000 - First Tier III Data Centre in India
  • 2001 - First MPLS service provider in India
  • 2004 - Launch of RIM services
  • 2004 - Launch of NOC servicesc
  • 2004 - Launch of SOC services
  • 2010 - First ICT company to build a cable landing station in India
  • 2012 - Launch of CloudInfinitc
  • 2013 - Launch of SAP Practice
  • 2014 - Launch of Data Centre Transformation Practice

Our Vision

"we are building a world in whichour converged ICT ecosystem &our ‘bring it on' attitude will bethe competitive advantage to ourcustomers"


Business (large, medium & emerging business).

Competitive advantage

The strategic advantage a business entity enjoysover its rival entities within its competitiveindustry. The strategic advantage can be Costadvantages, Technology advantages, HumanResources advantages or Time advantages whichare critical to win goals.

Converged ICT ecosystem

Converged information and communicationtechnology with network services, IT services,software services.

Bring-it-on attitude

An invisible spirit that resides in every employeeof Sify and drives us forward. A tone that isconfident, assertive, yet humble.


Continuously evolving

Our Logo

Our colors are a reflection of our outlook and the nature of our business: a fresh, vibrant and eco-friendly green that signals a new, paper-free world, counterpoised by a business-like, dependable grey.

In graphic terms, the dot over the 'i' in our name has moved forward.

It stands for our promise to keep our customers and stake holders ahead. It's what we believe technology should do for everyone. As you would have seen, the sign off is our promise to our customers and stake holders, 'Keeping you ahead'. Our focus on technology, innovation and new services are all aimed at doing just that, keeping our customers ahead by giving them a competitive edge using our services.

Our Mission

Seed entrepreneurial abilities within the organization

Build convergence technologies

Deliver cost-effective solutions

Brand Belief

"In a fast-changing world of ICT, the biggest competitive advantage our customers need is a partner who is obsessed with overcoming every challenge that comes in the way"

One trait that has been identified with us since inception is that of an INNOVATOR. It's trait that keeps us young, dynamic and always ahead of the curve.

There is a sense of purpose in Sify's existence and a will to excel in it's aspirations. Our war-cry 'Bring it on' is the reflection of our confidence and the habit of meeting challenges head-on and overcome them.

Our new identity is a reflection of this new drive and is young, dynamic, energetic, self-assured and playful but with a strong focus on customers and market leadership.

Our brand language is bold yet lithe, calm yet not stagnant, scalable yet secure.

As a brand, Sify is flexible enough for products/solutions to be scaled up or down for enterprise and SMB markets and also for products to be sold across the entire services chain.

What we do?

The broad footprint of the individual business is expanded as under.

Telecom Services

The core service in Sify's portfolio is the telecom service, which is also among the most matured services. This service traces its legacy back to Sify's earlier years as India's first private Internet Service Provider. The slower pace of use of private computers led to a midway divergence in building networks that could be used by large Enterprises for their business needs. The early start has helped us leverage the market potential; we are today India's leading network provider, offering the highest wireless endpoints and an equal number of wired terminations.

We forecasted the exponential growth of the telecom market , and we turned out to be the first in the country to offer an IPv6 ready network; a fact underscored by the Telecom Policy of 2012. This network reaches around 1300 towns and cities and gives a prospect of more than 2317 points of presence.

The focus of the Telecom Services is on the following lines:-

  • India Data Business—we address the data communication needs of large and emerging enterprises in India across each of their distributed points of business. We do this by leveraging our network span across more than 1300 towns and cities.
  • Global Network Business—we address the connectivity needs of enterprises and carriers to connect in and out of India. Our partnerships with multiple international carriers provides for a seamless integration into and out of the India network.

Wholesale Voice—we address the 'India termination' and several other countries for Hubbing. Our cable landing station is our strategic investment to address this business need and we currently facilitate three international cables servicing the Middle East and a majority in Europe. Investments into strategic global assets will continue to address the opportunity in and out India

Domestic Footprint

Our Global Network Assets

Data Centre services

We are among the earliest to invest in the data centre landscape of the country with our first data centre at Vashi, Mumbai in the year 2000. Even in the early days of the IT revolution, we had set very high benchmarks with each of our data center being Tier III compliant. In 2013, we inaugurated our first Green Data Centre in Noida in india. Within India we have 6 Tier III Data Centres across various geographical locations. This business offers services such as co-location, regular backup, server load balancing, remote backup; we also offer managed services like messaging, shared hosting, network and security, storage and virtualization and managed voice services to all resident enterprises.

Our Data Centre locations

The data centre hosting business runs as an independent business unit and this unit collaborates with the managed services and cloud business unit to ensure better ROI in infrastructure. Increasing commoditization of the data centre business is of prime focus and the company offers increased value proposition through holistic IT services engagement.

Technology Integration services

Our strategic investment of time and focus over a decade to build India's premier ICT network has resulted in an admirable knowledge base of products and technologies. With Sify 3.0, we chose to package this into a knowledge offering to the market and thus we paved the way to the emergence of Technology Integration Services (TIS). TIS combines Sify's IT capabilities with its core telecom and data centre products, to provide a converged turn-key ICT solution to the customer.

TIS leverages Sify's homegrown expertise in design, implementation and maintenance to deliver end- to-end managed IT services.

Our main focus is on the following:

  • Service Desks and Command Centres
  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Hosted Contact Centres
  • Unified Communication and Unified Access
  • Virtualization
  • Data Centre Build
  • Campus/LAN/Data Centre Networking
  • WAN Architectures
  • Enterprise and End Point Security

Cloud and Managed services

The data explosion witnessed by the country opened up many opportunities and challenges. This has driven Indian enterprises towards asset-light solutions aimed at lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The foremost among them were managed services, data security and cloud services. Cloud services is a product that results from the demand to de-focus enterprises from operating cumbersome IT infrastructure and move towards an Opex-based computing practice. Today, this practice follows both a collaborative and standalone approach; cloud services are offered by industry leaders like HP and VMware and also by home grown solution providers.

This business provides on-demand, anywhere, flexible, multi-tenant and dedicated storage solutions; the business also provides public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, IaaS, PaaS and DR as services. We are also the only company offering cloud delivery solutions on a home grown tool with an objective of reducing the TCO. We aim at offering value to customers on a completely automated platform called Cloudinfinit.

The mandate to our delivery team is to drive all IT services led projects encompassing single/multi-towers of IT like data centre, network, security, end user computing and so on. The team will execute this using a framework built around 'Tools, Process & People' and extend services over a robust RIM delivery model. This model will extensively utilize the cloud platform for delivering services like IaaS and PaaS.

Certified ISO 9001:2008; ISO 27001; SEI CMM L5.

Applications Integration Service

The third layer of the Sify business is the applications integration service. Aligning to the market opportunity and expectations from our customers for high end value chain services, Sify's in-house team of application developers have designed and developed a full suite of applications to ride on our network infrastructure. Some of these have been trailblazers like the supply chain management application, Forum, and the online assessment tool, iTest. We had invested early on, in the sunrise business eLearning, after recognizing the demand to take forward a uniform training platform to all branches and subsidiaries.

Today, this business caters to various verticals with offerings like Talent management and automated platform that enables multi-city, multiple point recruitments and test platform, sales and distribution platform, eLearning platform (primarily for Enterprises outside of India) for local and Internet based training, web solutions like portals and a SAP integration practice.

Partnership will be at the core of this business line. Sify seeks out alliances with strategic application providers, while simultaneously building an eco-system of independent software vendors on the cloud platform. Sify supports all system integration projects that are application-led, while scripting go-to-market strategies with synergetic Application partners.

Organization's Supply chain

Charters we endorse

We are an ISP and we are governed by the rules and regulations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which is one of the major external policy regulatory bodies we comply with.

On social aspects, we abide by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations Organizations.

Membership of Associations

As an organization, we subscribe to the membership of various associations. We subscribe to core technical professional bodies that relate to our business. We also subscribe to industry associations for enhancing idea sharing and basing our ideals in line with the national and international standards. Membership in these associations vouch for our standards and the principles we adhere to.


We hold membership for the CFO forum and we've partnered with IIA for the joint promotion of audit programs.


Sify is also a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Green Grid. ASHRAE is a premier international body in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning & research field and has more than 50000 members worldwide. The Green Grid Association is a non-profit organization which is working closely with end-users, technology providers and governments around the world, to create standards for more efficient use of resources in data centres.

Defining Report Content and Aspect Boundaries

For this Sustainability Performance Review the content and aspects addressed upon were based on the existing processes we have in place dealing with our stakeholders. We shortlisted key outcome of engagement with our stakeholders from the sustainability perspective. For the upcoming reporting period, we plan to implement a further robust process as suggested by the Global Reporting Initiative G4 (GRI G4) guidelines.

The process of identification of the report content is illustrated below.

Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries

Being the first year of reporting, the material aspects have been identified based on the relevance, the sensitivity and the impact the aspects have on our business and stakeholders. The aspects have been categorized based on its significance and relevance into High, Medium and Low. Aspects which are more sensitive in terms of affecting our economic/business performance or the non compliance of which would attract severe penal measures have been classified as aspects highly significant.

The materiality matrix along with the level of significance of these aspects is given below:-

Certain indicators are not reported because they are generally not applicable/ relevant to our company.

Scope Boundary

Our major area of operations is concentrated in/from India. Though we serve customers across the world, apart from India we have our operations in the US, UK, Dubai, Switzerland and Singapore. The report primarily covers Sify Technologies Limited and its subsidiaries and all areas of operations in India. This report does not cover the holding company or the ultimate holding companies of Sify Technologies Limited.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders are the key bandwidth to any business and ours is no exception. The true success in accomplishment of mission, vision and other milestones reflects in the satisfaction of the stakeholders and we are in the continuous process of creating a happy company-stakeholder relationship. The basis of identification and selection of stakeholders is based on the dependency created by us or the expectations entrusted on us. The identification of stakeholders, both internal and external, is an ongoing evaluation process based on the interactions amongst our different lines of businesses at the front end and support functions. Any individual, group, organization or community that is directly or indirectly affected by our day-to-day activities is treated as a stakeholder. Our actions are motivated towards conducting a responsible business that avoids or minimizes the negative effects created by our business.

Based on internal and external feedback, the following are the key stakeholders identified; the composition of the stakeholders can undergo changes based on the outcome of our evaluation process in future.

We engage with our stakeholders on daily to annual basis and the frequency of this engagement depends on the need to engage. Some engagements are on a daily basis and some on an annual basis. There were no specific engagements made with the stakeholders as part of this report preparation process. The frequency and mode of engagement with various stakeholders is given below:

Stakeholders Key Concerns, Needs and Expectations Responses

a. Quality and timely delivery of Service.

b. Value for Money

c. Effective Account Management

d. Quick grievance redressal

1. Direct interaction with clients (phone:-18004192929, email- &

2. Delivery of quality services on time.

3. Effective grievance redressal mechanisms.


a. Skill Development

b. Workplace culture

c. Handling of Grievances

d. Career Growth.

1. Grievance handling mechanisms for employees.

2. Regular appraisals for career development.

3. Ensure occupational health and safety.

4. Need based training programs.

Govt and Regulatory authorities

1. Timely filing of the relevant reports.

2. Compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

3. Audits.

1. Dispensing with the required information on timely basis.

2. Filing of the requisite returns on a timely basis.

3. Submission of audited accounts and other information.


a. Business Growth

b. Profitability

c. Transparency

d. Good governance practices

1. Publishing of financial statements and presentations and other relevant information about developements within the company in the corporate website.

2. Formulation of policy on Code of Conduct with the organization.

Banks and Financial institutions

a. Betterment in the performance of the Company.

b. Timely payment of the financial dues

1. Consistent growth and expansion.

2. Improvement in operating profits and cash generation.

Business partners

a. Fair business practices

b. Governance

1. Good corporate governance structure.

2. Ahderence to SLAs.

Vendors a. Timely payments 1. Ensuring that payments are made on time to the vendors.
Board members and committees a. assess sustainablility impacts and aim for a sustainable growth. 1. Ensuring sustainability in every activity of the Company.

Governance Structure:


The corporate governance structure aims at guiding the organization in achieving its business objectives with an unflinching attitude of upholding the ethical values of its personnel, at all times. The governance team ensures that the organization is always in the right direction, by devising policies and strategies at frequent intervals and reviewing it for improvements.

Being a NASDAQ listed company, we comply with the policies and procedures prescribed by NASDAQ and SEC regulations; our corporate governance structure is designed in accordance to these prolicies and procedures.

Board of Directors

The highest governance body is the Board of Directors; this board consists of 7 directors of which 4 are Independent Directors. These directors are from diverse backgrounds, possess vast experience and add great value to the organization. These directors are elected during the Annual General Meeting. For details of their term, responsibilities please refer to page no: 65 in Form 20 F filed with the Securities Exchange Commission. The Board of Directors spearhead the sustainability practices of the organization and any decision on economic, environmental and social impact is finalized by them.

Audit Committee


Our audit committee comprises three independent directors, in accordance to NASDAQ rules. They are: Mr C B Mouli, Dr S K Rao, and Mr C E S Azariah.

The primary objective of the audit committee is to monitor and provide effective supervision of our financial reporting process. They work with an integral view towards ensuring:

  • Accurate, timely and proper disclosures.
  • Transparency, integrity and quality of financial reporting.

Our audit committee oversees the work carried out for the financial reporting process by our management. They monitor the works of internal auditors, independent auditors and they review the processes and safeguards deployed by each auditor. Our audit committee also has the additional responsibility of supervising our system of internal control for:

  • Financial reporting
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring for compliance of related laws and regulations

The audit committee recommends to the board of directors the appointment of our independent registered auditors and approves the scope of both audit and non-audit services. All members of the audit committee meet the independent requirements and a majority of them meet financial literacy requirements as defined by applicable NASDAQ and SEC rules. The Audit Committee has held four meetings, in person, during the fiscal year 2014. The Audit Committee has adopted a charter and it is reviewed annually.

Compensation Committee

Our compensation committee consists entirely of non-executive, independent directors, in accordance to applicable NASDAQ rules. They are Dr T H Chowdary, Dr S K Rao, Mr C E S Azariah and Mr P S Raju.

The compensation committee of the Board of Directors determines the salaries, benefits and stock option grants for our employees, consultants, directors and other individuals compensated by our company. The compensation committee also administers compensation plans. The compensation committee has held four meetings, in person, during the fiscal year 2014. The Compensation Committee has adopted a Charter and it is reviewed annually.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee of the board consists exclusively of the following non-executive, independent directors in accordance to applicable NASDAQ rules: Dr T H Chowdary, Dr S K Rao, and Mr C E S Azariah.

The purpose of the nominating committee is to oversee the nomination process for top level management and specifically to identify, screen and review individuals qualified to serve as Executive Directors, Non Executive Directors and Independent Directors. This qualification should be consistent with the criteria approved by the board. The committee recommends nominees for election at the annual general meeting of shareholders.

On April 22, 2014, the nominating committee has reviewed and recommended the re-appointment of Mr Raju Vegesna as the Chairman and Managing Director of the company for a period of five years effective July 18, 2014. The nominations committee has also adopted a charter.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

As per section 135 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013, Sify is required to spend 2% of the average net profits from the three preceding financial years towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. For this purpose, the Board has constituted the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR). The CSR Committee of the board consists of the following directors: Mr Raju Vegesna, Mr  Ananda Raju Vegesna and Mr C E S Azariah.

The purpose of the CSR Committee is to monitor the implementation of CSR projects or programs undertaken by the Company. A responsibility statement is signed by the CSR Committee confirming compliance with the CSR objectives and policies of the company. The committee submits its report to the Board and the Board reports the same annually, in its report to the shareholders. The CSR policy is presented as part of social commitments.

Ethics and Integrity

The attitude of upholding the ethics and integrity of the organization reflects in every action of the company. The company has formulated a 'Code of Ethics & Conflict of Interest Policy' and 'Code of Conduct', which is being adhered to by the entire organization. Every decision that's taken by the associates on behalf of the organization shall be made with absolute integrity, keeping the interest of the country above the organizational and personal interests.

Apart from the formulated Code of Conduct, an associate is also expected to follow specific business ethics. We, at Sify, have also designed and adopted the following policies.

  • Internal-whistle blower mechanism
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • SOX compliance
  • Fair trade practices

Being an ISP company, we appreciate the principles of anti-piracy and have implemented mechanisms to prevent usage of pirated software. Sign boards are kept across the work area to ensure that a sense of integrity is instilled in the minds of our associates and also the external stakeholders who visit our organization.

Transparency and Accountability

Sify's mission is to connect the nation at an optimum cost and quality and to ensure that connectivity is available to all. With the aim of spreading its wings across the nation and the globe, we have adopted transparency at all the stages of our operations and in our interactions with our stakeholders.

Transparency is also a rule we adhere to, while preparing our financial statements. In these statements, we make all the necessary disclosures to enable informed decision making by stakeholders. We are accountable for all our actions and we constantly strive to prove ourselves as responsible citizens of the country.

Our Client