To understand the foundation to this report, we need to step back in time to the year 1998. This is theyear when Sify adopted the guiding spirit of "making the Internet work for you". Unspelt and yetexplicit in it, was Sify's anthem for business.

How can you exhibit innovation, relevance and profitability in the long run?

History is witness to how innovative we have been. Our products are evidence of how relevant we are.

Our profitability is the result of our foresight.

Therefore, sustainability has been well established.

That said, with our products and services, we chose to adhere to global best practices in sustainabilityreporting. Therefore, we drew references from the Global Reporting Initiative-G4 (GRI-G4)guidelines to create this report.

This report is by no means complete or comprehensive. However, it's a concrete first step.

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