In its fifteenth year, Sify, India's premier ICT Company was staring at a welcome predicament.

  • How do you ensure business continuity and growth for the next 15 years and more?
  • How do you ensure that the growth is sustained with minimum impact on theenvironment?
  • And how in the long term, do you see the exercise pay back as equity to the brand?

These and many more were the questions facing the team at Sify, when they sat down to draw out thepurview of their first sustainability report. Unlike their peers who chose to change it to a PR exercise,the team here decided to:

  • Tackle in chronology and briefly order the exact questions related to the brand.
  • State truthfully and briefly the extent of each work executed.
  • Stay away from the frills attached to the public nature of the report.
  • Ensure to maintain the consistency of reporting and longevity of information.

And then, they were met with the reality.

With no precedent behind them, it was left to a motley group of enthusiastic associates who would,over 2 months, painstakingly piece together the information in the required format.

As a pioneer in the ICT space in India, it was very tempting to go overboard in reporting achievements.Therefore, a system of checks, balances and multiple edits were carried out, the languagemoderated and the focus kept on the facts.

The result might not be coffee table inspiring. Yet, it is an honest account of a young, inspiring andpioneering company to better itself, while ensuring its various stakeholders that they will seepredictable and sustainable results. The motive is to ensure that customers see faith in Sify's systems.

This first report on Sustainability Progress Review is for the financial year ending March 31, 2014.

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