Summit on Cooperatives Bank at Pune -
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Venue : Pune
Date : 28th October 2015
Event Organisers : Sify in Partnership HP

Co-operative Banks have weathered many changes in the Indian financial space. Even during the recent financial crisis, they have as before, displayed tremendous resilience and continue to play an important role in the cause of financial inclusion.

Going forward, and especially given the Government's 'Digital India' impetus, technology will play a seminal role in the Co-operative Banking Sector. So as transactions increasingly go digital, the challenge and opportunity for Cooperative Banks lies in :

  • Understanding the Digital Journey: the strategy, milestones and pitfalls.
  • Enabling digital technology to grow and expand services to the remotest areas.
  • Gaining expert learning on what works optimally within the Indian context

The Indian Express Group along with Sify and HP cordially invite you to the 'Seminar on Digital Cooperative Banks In A Digital India'.

Come join your peers and industry experts as we jointly explore the potential and options that digital technology has to offer the Cooperative Banking Sector.

  • A talk by Sify

  • At registration desk

  • Attentive delegates

  • Cosmos Bank MD @ panel discussion

  • Critical reading HP

  • Delegates reading Sify literature

  • Full House

  • Moderator compering

  • Panel discussion in progress

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