Our Brands

One trait that has been identified with us since inception is that of an INNOVATOR. It's the trait that keeps us young, dynamic and always ahead of the curve.

There is a sense of purpose in Sify's existence and a will to excel in it's aspirations. Our war-cry 'Bring it on' is the reflection of our confidence and the habit of meeting challenges head-on and overcome them.

Our new identity is a reflection of this new drive and is young, dynamic, energetic, self-assured and playful but with a strong focus on customers and market leadership.

Our brand language is bold yet lithe, calm yet not stagnant, scalable yet secure.

As a brand, Sify is flexible enough for products/solutions to be scaled up or down for enterprise and SMB markets and also for products to be sold across the entire services chain.

About our logo

Our colors are a reflection of our outlook and the nature of our business: a fresh, vibrant and eco-friendly green that signals a new, paper-free world, counterpoised by a business-like, dependable grey.

In graphic terms, the dot over the 'i' in our name has moved forward.

It stands for our promise to keep our customers and stake holders ahead. It's what we believe technology should do for everyone. As you would have seen, the sign off is our promise to our customers and stake holders, 'Keeping you ahead'. Our focus on technology, innovation and new services are all aimed at doing just that, keeping our customers ahead by giving them a competitive edge using our services.

Our Client