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Customer Overview

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A low performing hosting service

Customer was hosting a business critical web application for a number of its financial services. The low performing hosting service was proving to be a challenge in delivering a quality experience to users. Since this was a key business offering , it was vital that any downtime for servers was kept at an absolute minimum.


Sify’s cloud infrastructure could scale easily, depending on the number of hits website would receive, mitigating any concern that customer would have had regarding performance and scalability. Also, as a service offering, solution gave customer the flexibility of migrating their webserver to another provider if they considered the performance provided to be lacking. This proved to be reassuring since by migrating their web service to cloud infrastructure, customer could minimize capital investment and focus on delivering quality services through their web applications on the Cloud.

The cloud solution was able to optimize the workload thereby reducing the physical number of hardware servers while at the same time, bringing lesser carbon usage for this optimized environment. This made the business case for customer more compelling.

Moreover, the Cloud environment built on VMware architecture was able to address all security requirements of an external facing application meet the requirements thereby providing an assurance on security to customer.

Sify provided customer with a fully customizable cloud based web environment that could be completely managed by the customer. The web environment, built on VMware , provided a robust virtualized infrastructure that offered ease of scale, security as well as comprehensive backup and disaster recovery features.

Sify now hosts over 100 virtual servers on 20 Blade Servers, providing the backbone of their cloud services infrastructure. The solution delivered a platform to host its web service with the security, performance and flexibility that are vital for customers business. VMware forms a critical part of Sify’s cloud service offerings and long term strategy.

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