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The Company

Max Healthcare has been a known name in the Indian medical realm for close to three decades. One of the prominent super-specialty hospital chains in India, Max manages 1900 beds across 12 hospitals with a team of 1600 doctors and 5400 supporting staff. Modern infrastructure paired with advanced technology has enabled Max Healthcare to always deliver the best and the latest in medical service, leading it to be rated as the best hospital chain in India.

The Challenge

One of the problems that concerned the Max Healthcare Group was developing and managing their IT structure to support and boost business. The existing IT environment of the customer was saddled with rigid IT architecture that took long lead times to scale or upgrade, or to launch new applications.

The IT infrastructure lacked a single point of ownership and management as network connectivity services were outsourced to different service providers. Infrastructure utilization monitoring dashboard was not available, and theinformation available on request was limited to asset utilization, trending, etc. Moreover, the IT infrastructure suffered from the absence of a data recovery plan, while the operations and maintenance cost remained high.

The Solution

Sify team helped the Max Healthcare to transform and consolidate the host of disparate IT systems by providing end-to-end managed services and leveraging a converged network and cloud services model.

step up to the cloud of infinite possiblities

With high availability and integrated securitySify’s hybrid cloud offers:
  • Physical to virtual migration
  • IT infra consolidation
  • Agility and availability of 24x7 online analytics
  • Multiple hypervisors
  • Integrated security stack including DDoS and SIEM solution
  • Seven years backup data retention
  • Seamless migration from current setup to hybrid cloud

The IT transformation initiative covered:

Sify enabled the migration of critical applications from physical infrastructure to next generation Data Centre architecture (physical and virtual) by ensuring zero or minimal disruption to end users during this phase. It was also ensured that there was no downtime, as this would affect the smooth functioning of the customer’s internal business processes.

A private cloud infrastructure was set up with dedicated compute and storage element, with scalability for compute, storage and other elements as per business growth and on-demand scalability for network and security.

Sify also implemented a Three-Tier Network Architecture with Local Load Balancer, an MPLS link connecting hospitals with Data Centre and secure access for 250 roaming users.

The security framework was strengthened by enabling perimeter through multiple three-tier Firewall securing access zones - DMZ Zone, APP Server Zone and Database Server Zone. Sify provided DDoS protection at perimeter layer, CleanConnect for secure internet access, RSA 2 Factor Authentication, SIEM Syslog monitoring and management, MS forefront for email spam filtering and vShield app for hypervisor level protection.

Sify implemented backup as a service for 4 TB data with daily differential, weekly full and monthly full backup on dedicated tapes. The monthly retention was extended for 12 months and yearly data backup retention for 7 years.

Sify built a DR site at Max DC using the existing infrastructure powered with a setup replication link to achieve desired RPO/RTO, DR drills, recovery test and 24x7 monitoring and management.

Managed Services from Sify included 12 service areas OS & DB Management, MS Exchange Management, Active Directory Management, DNS Management, Virtual Instance Management (VM Ware/Citrix Xen), Fortknox Security Services, SIEM Services, Spam Filtering Services, AAA Integration Services, McAfee EPO Management, vShield App Management and Project Management.

The Result

  • Saved USD 2.7 Million over 5 Years
  • Saved USD 54.5 K on Microsoft licenses
  • Huge cost savings over 5 years from re-architected IT infrastructure
  • Increased availability of the IT infrastructure and critical applications
  • Simplified management with single point of contact for all infrastructure
  • Unified view of infrastructure status and reports
  • Complete setup within operations and maintenance budgets, making more funds available for innovation and new projects
  • Highly available, fully compliant setup
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