Security and recovery assured. ICSI Sifyfied

Sify empowers ICSI with end-to-end Data Recovery solution.

The Company

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India was set up under the Company Secretaries Act, 1980, to regulate and develop the profession of company secretaries in India. The body functions under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and is responsible for issuing certificates bestowing the designation of Company Secretary to qualifying candidates.

ICSI's previous IT environment-an overview:
  • ICSI has multiple data centres in Delhi/NCR region connected over a high bandwidth network, where 23 key servers were hosted at the primary data centre.
  • Critical components for ERP, SharePoint, Web Portal and MS-Exchange.
  • The earlier Data Recovery (DR) setup had 5 servers at a distance of approximately 20 kms from primary DC, in the same seismic zone. This setup was dependent on the multiple manual processes including data copy and the availability of services from the DR site.
  • All servers were used in standalone mode with no vi rtualization configured.

The Challenge

With over 4 lakh students and a lakh registered members, ICSI is a data driven enterprise. As the member strength increased, the IT infrastructure also had to expand accordingly in order to deliver more capacity to the members and provide storage for terabytes of data. This led to a number of challenges, mainly the need for a well-developed Disaster Recovery (DR) plan to enable smooth functioning even in case of an emergency. ICSI also needed better storage capabilities, which in turn could support their members and protect critical IT applications.

The Solution

The key challenge in providing DR services was to enable Business Continuity (BC) which allows IT services to rapidly come back online after a failure occurs. Traditional DR approach provides BC, but typically at a very high cost. Sify enabled DR solution on Cloud, thus simplifying the DR strategy for ICSI. This was powered with the best of breed platform and compliance driven solutions on pay-per-use mode.

Sify provided DR solution based on Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for enabling advanced portection and almost zero data loss. Along with quick service restoration it also performs for both local protection and longer distance Disaster Recovery across physical and virtual environments. With two DR drills provisioned in a year, Sify DR solution also supported non-disruptive DR drill.

The solution provided ICSI with the encryption (256 bit) from production servers, thereby ensuring increased security of data transmitted to the DR site, compression and data WAN link optimization.

The Result

  • End-to-end DR solution, encompassing Dr site and an infrastructure, completely managed by Sify on 24x7 basis.
  • The ability to protect its data completely, store efficiently, recover from anywhere and centrally manage across heterogeneous operating systems and storage hardware, including disk and tape.
  • Planned DR drills are done in minutes as opposed to days.
  • A centralized dashboard for operational monitoring, data replication status (including RP/RTO analysis) and reporting for visibility and control across a heterogeneous data protection environment.
  • RPO timeline of 30 minutes and RTO timeline of 3 hours.
  • Unified replication solution for all servers.
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