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Getit,one of India’s leading Directional Media Companies, had a situation where in their existing IT infrastructure could not support their rapidly growing business. On analysing the problem, they concluded that they required an expert in ICT services to partner with them to derive an apt solution. And of course it only made sense that they called the leader in converged ICT,sify technologies.

Getit is a company that connects buyers and sellers by providing end-to-end information on products and services. A pioneer in Yellow pages, local search, classifieds and directional advertising; Getit Infoservices operates in more than 50 cities across India and helps local businesses to grow by providing end-to-end information to their customers. Getit also enables local businesses to be present across all media and new social platforms, keeping up to date with the changing media and trends. Getit services are available on all media platforms including print, voice, internet and mobile apps on both I-phone and Android.

So now back to the problem at hand! Getit’s business mainly depends on delivering a high level of usability through its website and any impact to its uptime or performance is considered unacceptable.With focus on delivering relevant information to clients in a reliable and consistent manner, the online availability of information and the IT infrastructure supporting the data repositories form the backbone of Getit’s business.

Due to its rapidly growing business,the need for additional IT infrastructure became more and more urgent. During times of peak load, the existing aging servers and storage were often found to be inadequate and were unable to provide high availability and instant access. So, Getit’s IT team faced a tough decision of whether to invest in additional hardware for their datacenters or evaluate alternate options for a long term solution.

This solution would need to be capable of delivering optimum performance during peak-load scenarios.Additionally,the ability to rapidly scale was critical to delivering high quality service to its customers while keeping capital and operating expenditures in check.

After a thorough analysis of the situation faced, Getit approached sify technologies and asked it for a solution. Sify, true to its mantra of ‘Bring it on’, told Getit that partnering each other they could overcome the challenge before us!

And how did we bring it on?

With sify’s enterprise grade hybrid cloud infrastructure supported by best-of-breed virtualizationtechnology!

Getit’s internal assessment showed that it would require 12 servers in addition to the existing 10 servers to meet its projected growth.Sify’s team of experts analysed these requirements and suggested a Hybrid Cloud solution, the first of its kind in India.The hybrid cloud solution provided Getit with the best of both worlds.A private cloud within Getit’s datacenter for storing and accessing secure data, and a flexible and dynamic public cloud hosted by sify that would do the heavy lifting for performance intensive applications.The proposed hybrid-cloud solution would co-exist with Getit’s existing infra-structure without compromising on pre-existing investments or security.The hybrid cloud solution was delivered on OPEX model, which reduced 60% of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Since this was Getit’s first foray in leveraging cloud infrastructure,sify implemented an extensive Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate the reliability and flexibility of the hybrid-cloud solution.The POC initially included hosting 4 servers on sify’s infrastructure.The POC was a great success and gave Getit the confidence to move part of their workload to sify’s cloud infrastructure.Sify cloud services provided Getit with utmost security with 99.98% SLA driven high availability. Sify has provided GETIT with 4-tier network architecture for various workloads at various levels, right from Internet/MPLS cloud all the way to their production LAN to ensure the highest levels of security

Mr.Vivek Prabhu,Head of Engineering at Getit says about sify’s services.“With a growing demand of our information based products and services, we had reached a critical juncture in our growth and needed to take a strategic decision on scaling our IT infrastructure to cater to our growth. Among the many options we evaluated,sify’s recommendation of a hybrid cloud,built on VMware’s virtualization and cloud infrastructure, emerged as the solution that catered best to our requirements.The hybrid cloud solution enabled us with the capability to scale ‘on-demand’ and achieve nearly 100% uptime.The hybrid cloud has also freed up our capital and has led to significant savings.We are fully isolated from any component level failures within our own infrastructure as well."

Getit now has a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud solution in place,with sify hosting 29 servers and 5TB storage.The applications hosted for Getit on sify cloud infrastructure are Microsoft SharePoint,Microsoft FAST servers – Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SQL Server. Also,all high-performance workloads have been moved to sify’s infrastructure and Getit now has the ability to move applications back and forth from the cloud at a moment’s notice.

So if you too have a complex ICT problem that needs a comprehensive solution;call us and get it sifyfied!

Benefits derived:
  • On demand scalability
  • High availability
  • Instant access
  • High performance
  • Lower TCO by 60%
  • OPEX model - pay per use
  • Sify cloudinfinit offers enterprise grade solutions.
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