Leading healthcare solution provider company - Sifyfied

The Company

GeBBS is a leading national level provider of RCM and HIM solutions. They provide strategic outsourcing solutions to healthcare providers such as medical billing companies, hospitals, integrated health networks and large physician groups. GeBBS leverages their in-depth industry knowledge and expertise and employs partnership approach and comprehensive service offerings to help clients gain an edge in business. GeBBS delivers highly skilled professionals, robust processes, proprietary workflow engines and world-class infrastructure.

By leveraging people, processes and technology, GeBBS reduces operating and capital costs, recovers revenue and increases productivity, and therefore optimizes the revenue cycle for their clients.

The Challenge

GeBBS wanted to have a provision for outbound calling facility over the internet to the USA, where more than 90% of the customer base was located. In spite of trying various service providers, GeBBS could not find a smooth, reliable connection to meet their requirements.

The Solution

Sify offered Voice Minutes Service for outbound calling over internet, an IP based service. Being the world’s best carrier for voice minute traffic, Sify provided GeBBS one of the best carriers to flow their outbound calls. They’ve been using the Sify Voice Minutes Service for more than a year and half, and the business has been running smooth and efficient ever since.

Our Client