Forrester's Summit For CMOs And CIOs

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Venue : Mumbai
Date : 22nd September 2015
Event Organisers : Forrester Research

CMOs and CIOs are bringing their core capabilities together to collaborate and grow their businesses by winning, serving, and retaining customers. This partnership enables these departments to gain a deep understanding of the emerging customer life cycle - new behaviors and expectations enabled by digital technologies. They must assess the maturity of their partnerships and understand how these have changed, leading their organizations in identifying and mobilizing against these opportunities as well as turning collaboration into action. Bold leadership is needed to turn this action into client results.

This Summit Helped in:

  • Leverage the combined strengths of marketing and technology organizations to create customer-obsessed companies.
  • Set winning business strategies and design and build effective processes and systems to empower your team.
  • Identify the strategic and practical implications for CIOs and CMOs of becoming customer-obsessed.
  • Reinvent planning processes and move to next-generation models that integrate strategic planning with operational execution.
  • Understand how the cultures and organizations of digitally enabled challengers power competitive advantage.
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