Enterprise Security

TIS leverages Sify’s home-grown expertise in design, implementation and maintenance to deliver end-to-end IT services across Data Centre, network and security platforms.

Sify’s depth of experience in providing security solutions spans over half a million man-hours of experience in security project consulting, a decade of managing network security and has been managing remote SOC since 2007. Our remote monitoring and management of networks, servers, applications and managed security services help enterprises cut costs and make their infrastructure more reliable, thereby enabling them to focus on growing their core business.


  • Experience in information security life cycle management since 1998
  • experience covering 30+ OEM solutions & platforms
  • 24x 7 operations, covering 1250 cities
  • multi-skilled, multi-vendor engineering services
  • structured ITIL based process over time for effective operations
  • services across the security lifecycle – strategy, technology implementation, operations and optimization
  • experience in executing large & complex security transformation projects


  • state-of-art correlation technology including vulnerability and threat correlation
  • unique cyber threat intelligence framework
  • full-fledged fraud & cyber crime cell
  • large footprint in financial sector
  • real-time risk monitoring and modeling for critical assets

Vendors / OEMs

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