Hosting critical applications on cloud - core banking company

hosting mission critical applications on Cloud

Powered by sifycloudinfinit , our customer becomes one of the foremost core banking application company to leverage cloud hosting and enjoy substantial cost saving and reduced time to market.

About the Customer

Being a core banking application provider, data security and application availability is the crux of the business. A business more than 35 Banks size of 1 to 45 branches – Including rural and urban banks and 4200+ live sites. They trusted Sify Technologies to host their mission critical information on cloud which demands high availability, periodic peak loads and performance round the clock for their dynamic customer requirements

Need for Cloud Hosting

Customer needed to invest in new IT infrastructure each time a new customer was added. Plus being a bankingapplication they needed a highly secure set up including Firewall, DDOS, IPL and SSL technologies and internetconnectivity on the go. They needed a scalable infrastructure model which allowed them to scale up anddown whenever needed. Hosting their application on cloud absorbed their variable loads and provided them flexibilityto scale on demand for new on-boarding customers.

Simplifying customers IT Set Up :

We hosted the IT set up at the cloud infrastructure farm at Sify’s Tier III + Airoli Data Cente. Leveraging the hybrid cloud model, we provided them dedicated as well as virtualized high end servers with atmost network security features including hardware firewall, DDOS, SSL encryption technology and connectivity from theirexisting Data center to Sify’s Airoli data Center

The set up ran their core application components along with OS & databases. Sify managed the complete operating system/database licenses a along with security audits and reports. The back-up was maintained on fire proof vault. For every new customer necessary storage, bandwidth, security could be scaled up on cloud model.


  • Moving on to an Opex model from the start,instead of a Capex model helped customer get management buy-in easily.Setting up IT infrastructure for each new customer would have cost more. With cloud hosting we could reduce almost 40% of TCO on this IT set ups.
  • The on demand scalability gave customer a very planned approach considering all our future scalability requirements.
  • Where are core banking environment demands, no data loss, periodic performance, high security and instant access to application, Sify Cloud offered all the above at a lower TCO.

Cloud Benefits at a glance

  • On Demand Scalability
  • Pay Per Use Model reducing TCO
  • High Data Security
  • No Data Loss
  • Instant Access
Our Client