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The Company

Buzzyear brings the power of education networks to educational institutions to bring the schoolcommunity together. Buzzyears boosts the academic performance in schools, helping to connect thecommunity of students and parents with teachers and the school to bring out the best results inschool. Buzzyears is a private and secure education network.

The Challenge

  • Demand for Complete Integration of Activities of an Educational Institution:Sify’s Salesforce Team envisaged that the Educational Institutions were looking for a product that could provide a complete integration of the activities related to the functioning of an institution.
  • The Institutes were well aware with the cost of implementing SAP or ERP solution, and so they wanted a solution that could easily fit in their budget and the collaboration between the various domains like Administration or Academics could be achieved seamlessly.

The Solution

The possible solution available at hand were:
  • Develop an in-house product of its own that could meet the desired need of the customers.
  • Look for existing solutions in the market and partner with one of the vendors to add anotherproduct in Sify’s basket.

With Sify’s 3.0 approach, where we are the Solution and Service Provider; a proactive approach was required. So with these alternatives at hand, a collaborative decision was taken to partner with an existing vendor. Hence, Sify entered into partnership with Buzzyears which provided an education application platform that was specifically designed for educators, students and parents- serving the interests of each group by providing a base for collaboration and sharing along with protecting piracy among these groups.

The fruition of this deal is completely visible as we see a warm response from our customers on showcasing the Buzzyear’s University Management System (UMS) to them. This could be substantiated from ‘Vice-Chancellor’s Retreat’ which was held at Gurgaon where Sify-Buzzyears were a sponsored partner and we showcased our best in class education related offerings such as Online Examination, e-learning along with UMS. The two day residential event had an audience from education domain including Vice-Chancellors, Deans and Directors from esteemed universities and Institutions across India.

Our Client