Transforming Asianet News - Asianet Sifyfied

The Company

Asianet News is a household name and perhaps the most trusted source of news in Kerala. For nearlytwo decades, Asianet News has been one of the leading television news channels in India and the No.1Malayalam News channel, a clear market leader countering every challenge thrown up by contenders.

Armed with the best of journalists and state of the art technology platforms and a global footprint,ithas consistently been on top of TV rankings across all viewership strata and is spread across everydistrict in Kerala with national bureaus in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai and special correspondentsin Dubai and New York. They have embraced the 'anytime, anywhere' mantra of the digital age and areavailable via satellite on Cable and DTH and on all digital platforms (web and mobile). The innovativeand varied nature of programming content and formats have kept a diverse but loyal audience foreverengaged to Asianet News.

The Challenge

As part of their Digital Venture they have a news streaming Portal. Content delivery was on Bit Gravityby one of our competitor. By pitching a better alternative on AKAMAI, Sify team explained the valueproposition to the ASIANET NEWS team on engaging audiences with superior quality video. Team wasable to convince on the superior technology at a better price point which was against a 25% premiumto what customers was currently paying.

Value Proposition

  • Engage audiences with superior quality video.
  • Solving the challenges of multi-device consumption.
  • Reinventing the software distribution channel.
The Solution Sify Akamai
Customer Queries Internet Facing Application/Website/Business
  • Content delivery
  • High internet bandwidth
  • Faster Downloading time/Speed
  • Security
  • Hosting
  • Highly available IT infrastructure
Sify & Akamai Offer
  • Telecom Services – Internet
  • Bandwidth, MPLS VPN & IPLC
  • Integrated Security Portfolio
  • Cloud Services
  • DC services
  • Cloud Platform
  • CDN
  • Security
Customer Benefit Single Service provider and ownership for the complete SLA,Single support and management window for customers
Success Story BillDesk , Funizen and Asianet News

The Solution

SOLA Sphere Benefits

  • Exceptional performance and reliability built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform’s vast globalfootprint. When it comes to high quality streaming media, closer is better.
  • Increased reach and scale – SOLA Sphere rapidly scales to meet the demands of the largestonline audiences for both planned events and unanticipated - live and on-demand -high-impact viral content.
  • Increased availability through redundancy and fault tolerance. Prevents congestion andoverloads through diligent network monitoring management.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming for the highest possible viewing quality in dynamic networkenvironments.
  • Support for a wide variety of industry-standard streaming protocols to reach your targetdevices: HLS, HDS, Smooth, MPEG-DASH
Our Client