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Anand Bazaar Patrika, Kolkatta


For the people of Bengal, Anand Bazaar Patrika (ABP) is more than just a newspaper. Having been a part of their daily routine for over 90 years, ABP is today a leader in Bengal, not just in terms of circulation, but ideologically as well. Over the years, ABP has earned the "Voice of Bengal" label, owing to its unbiased views, constructive criticism, indomitable courage and uncompromising attitude and with Star News recently being rebranded asABP News, Anand Bazaar Patrika transcended borders to become a national name.

The challenge

Being leaders in West Bengal, ABP's online readership was increasing day by day. They had also introduced online subscription for their newspapers and magazines and saw a huge success to this initiative. While the online subscription received significant hits, their current web server was unable to process the request on time thus affecting the user experience, interest at the Anand Bazaar website. The leading time was high, there were session losses thus affecting the online subscription numbers. "Our Top priority was finding an ICT partner that would keep our website up during huge spikes of traffic. Being down for even a short period of time had potential to hurt our brand" says Mr. Kali Mahapatra, AVP, Anand Bazaar Patrika.

Owing to this growth in business, ABP realized they needed an IT platform robust, secure and scalable enough to support their forward looking strategy. As sify was already their connectivity partner, ABP chose to continue with sify, as they were sure that considering sify's in-depth knowledge of ABP business, sify would be the best partner to address their issues and sify, true to its mantra of 'bring it on', came up with a solution.


Sify proposed a virtual private hosting on its enterprise grade cloudinfinit platform. ABP needed scalability till 5 servers providing high performance. They needed high end security devices and bandwidth which provided high availability of their website to give best user experience. In the traditional way, they would have had to invest a lot to provide such infrastructure. We proposed them hosting on public cloud infrastructure in our Airoli Data Center where they could use the best of technologies to provide unmatched user experience to their customers.

  1. on demand scalability needed to scale up to 5 servers
  2. load balance architecture
  3. secure set up with firewall, DDOS, IPS, SSL
  4. network connectivity between customers existing DC and Sify DC
  5. data backup -fire proofing vault of data
  6. complete managed infrastructure services


  • lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • on-demand scalability
  • high security, high availability with SLA and high performance

Today, Anand Bazaar Patrika is able to focus on its core competence and leave the online portal management to Sify.

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